Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Six months Ever

Dear JJ,

This morning as your mom and I were playing with you we looked at each other: "Did you ever imagine you would enjoy getting up and playing with a baby?"  We have had the most amazing six month journey with you. Through it we learned a lot about ourselves - things we didn't know.

Very much Daddy's boy
I never knew how much I like (make that love) children. Now I seek them out- I ask about them, I want to know about them.  Ok- maybe I want to know what you will be doing next.

You are like the ultimate Christmas package - always in anticipation of what new thing you will do. Now you crawl backwards--  you try hard to make forward movements, but you can crawl backwards with ease.  You've discovered that to get to something you can roll and move toward it - but still working on the forward crawling part of things.
Of course you are also Mommy's boy- your mom who takes you on lots of adventures
Or the joy in making new noises.  Watching my face as I make clicking sounds with my tongue, or smiling big as I put my finger in and out of your lips so your sounds come out differently.

Part of the best is introducing you to other people. Your grandparents, both sets of them, your Uncle Ron and Uncle Peter -- then there are all those friends.  So many friends who love you, and because they love you - we have all become closer.

Best six months ever, son. But I know the best is always around the corner with you.


A University of Chicago hat- things to come
Looks like you will be a lefty
Your smile every morning with me is the best way to start the day