Sunday, August 1, 2010

In laws

Dear JJ,

Took this photo tonight of the Grosshans side of the family. You are being held by your mom, while your buddy Dr. Lucky is watching out for you - as he always does. Your uncle Peter, and your grandparents Gigi and Grandpa George and on the end, your favorite aunt, Kim.

You are going to hear a lot of jokes about in-laws. You are going to hear how many people make fun of them, or grudgingly put up with them. You won't hear that from me.

The hardest part of having your family (my in-laws) here is knowing that they will leave. Tomorrow your aunt Kim leaves- in spite of me trying to convince her to move to Phoenix. Later your grandpa and uncle Peter leave-- and then GiGi leaves. The only other day of my life that felt empty was at the end of February (when they were all here last, and left again). Your family is the kindest, most gentle, easiest people to be around.

They are here to meet you- and to help your mom as she started taking care of you. I am so happy they are here.

So, JJ-- you are lucky to have such a great family. They have loved you for a long time- and now they have gotten to meet you. The next years we will spend going to see them again - as you grow- because they are pretty special folk. That means you will be going to China, and Atlanta (unless they get smart and move to Phoenix). But also to Alaska and Oregon.

Next month you get to meet my side of the family in Oregon, and maybe Alaska - and we are very much looking forward to that.

You are surrounded by love, son - and that is probably because you give off so much.