Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Old Clothes

Dear JJ,

This little cap you are wearing in this photo- that was worn by your uncle Ron - about 60 years ago.

My mom, your grandmother, found a bunch of baby clothes that she lovingly washed and sent to you. They are beautiful - knit sweaters, and beautiful garments designed for when my mom had her boys. No doubt you are wearing some of the same clothes your dad wore.

Old clothes represent a connection - one that you have with your family from years ago, and as much as I love how friends have given us so many clothes for you- the ones I value the most are those that your grandma sent to you.

I don't want to rush you son- I value every day I have with you - but someday I hope you are able to use those clothes for your child.

There is a lot of love that surrounds you, son - and now you get to be dressed in it.