Friday, August 13, 2010

The baby whisperer

I never understood the love of a father until your mother and I decided to become parents - and then when you came it has been, like my dad described, a fountain of love.

Your grandmother- Gigi - has shown me the love of a grandparent. Here she is - her husband and son having gone back to China, but she stays here, without complaint, and at any opportunity picking you up, holding you, loving you, and just enjoying you.

Your mom calls her "the baby whisperer" because when you are the most fussy- she can calm you. She holds you, dances with you, kisses you, whispers at you- and you calm down and go to sleep in her arms- and then she looks the most satisfied.

You have a lot of love surrounding you, son. Your life has brought out love from a lot of people -