Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nine Days

Dear Son,

Nine days I have had you!

This week you got to meet your grandpa Grosshans and your uncle Peter! They arrived late Tuesday night - but as late as it was, they were perfectly awake to meet you and hold you.

This morning as I went in to change you- your grandpa came in, and after I was done held you until you gently fell asleep. There is a lot of love in this house right now- you have your aunt, Kim, grandma and grandpa Grosshans, your mom - and your doggie, Lucky, (oh, me too).

It is wonderful having this house full of family - the sad part is yesterday they started to make arrangements for going back to China. We are going to miss them - a lot.

This week we saw the pediatrician; he tells us you will start sleeping through the night in the next two weeks - and that is ok with us.

Until then - we love playing with you- holding you- and every moment with you is pretty special. Even as I am writing this you are laying in the bassinet beside me (we are giving your mom some rest this morning).

Ok, son, I have to go to work- so I get to turn you over to your grandpa for a bit. I sure look forward to coming home tonight. Funny how life changes. A year ago I would go to the cigar shop every night on my way home- then I met your mom, and now we have you. Now I pass by the cigar shops and head home with a big smile.