Monday, July 19, 2010

T Minus One

Dear Son,

In one day I get to see your face - and I cannot tell you how overwhelming that is.

In nine months you went from an idea - to a baby - to our son. For nine months your mom and I have been talking to you, about you, planning for you. That won't stop- we just get to see you.

Anticipation slows down time - (and your mom would say carrying a 7 pound kid inside slows down time too) - and so many of our friends have said to enjoy every moment because the time goes by quickly.

Your mom and I found each other and knew something was special. We both have had great fun in life, and then we decided to do it together. Well-- life is just too much fun, especially when your life is centered at giving back. So- son, we look forward to you joining our party.

There have been so many amazing things on this short journey - finding your mom was the most amazing, but we have found so many friends who have opened their heart to you - and so many acquaintances who have shared good wishes. You son, will be spoiled with love-- not with things, but with a lot of love (and will have more aunties and uncles than you can imagine)

Ok son, I have to go to work - a short day, and Gigi is coming in to town.

Come join the party! See you soon. T minus One day and counting