Monday, July 12, 2010

Eight Days

Dear JJ,

We had two visits to the doctor's office this week - all to find out a bit about you! And anytime we can find out more about you, it makes me happy.

The trooper in all of this is your mom. Your mom is an active lady, as I am sure you will find out. But, as the doctor said the other day, "You are in survival mode." The last few days until you are brought out of the womb and into our loving arms. Your poor mom, she can't get out and do too much - she sleeps and reads a lot, and just hangs out- waiting for the day. Last summer your mom spent every weekend wake-boarding - and then, in the later summer- spent weekends traveling. Her joy is snowboarding- something she didn't get to do last winter, but is already picking your snow outfit for this coming winter.

They say parents sacrifice a lot for their children - and your mom has.

But both of us agree about one thing: we have been fortunate to live and do almost every great adventure in life; it is time to give back - -and we can't wait to do it with you.

Eight days - some say I should get rest while I can. But you know what my favorite thing is before I go to sleep - right after kissing your mom goodnight? It is putting my hand on your mom's belly- pushing on you a bit, and feel you wiggle and squirm and saying "goodnight son."

Yea- losing sleep but getting to hold you - that isn't losing sleep, that is just joy.