Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two ladies and a baby

Dear JJ,

Happy five days old, son!

So here is what I have learned:

(a) changing diapers isn't so bad - in fact, I am working on getting better and better at it (like surgery, I want to become the best diaper changer in the world)

(b) I cannot imagine how single mothers do this without any help. Your gigi is here, and even with her, your mom, and me- we need six extra hands -- thankfully reinforcement will come tonight when your Auntie Kim comes

(c) Sleep - you get a lot of it- but for you an hour here or there is fine- for us- well, we make the mistake of staying up when it is light and trying to wake up as needed. I suspect we need to figure it out a different way - like taking naps all the time.

(d) We were worried about how Dr. Lucky would react around you. He sniffs you, licks your face, and then sits down by you as if he is standing guard. I wonder if dogs have instincts about people puppies?

Your mom just stares at you sometime and says how much she loves you - so do I. I feel like a teenager who is in love for the first time (or second ) - because I can't stop talking about you.

Everyone wants to say who you look like- me, your mom, your grandfather, your aunt - so far you look like you- or maybe Yoda - but you are cute.

I keep getting my chance to hold you, kiss your head, and rock you. It was more special than I thought it would be.

Finally- some friends came over to see us yesterday- Evo and Sheila - somehow we had forgotten what adult conversation was - and guess what- I look forward to adult conversation with you. I'm not rushing you- this is a pretty nice place to have you.

OK- JJ- I need a nap- it is afternoon here- which is your prime sleeping time