Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coming Soon

Dear JJ,

There are a lot of people waiting for you to get here- but these two are my parents-- you will be their first grandchild.

Mom has been waiting to be "grandma" for a lot of years, and dad has been waiting to be "grandpa" for a long time. I can't wait to put you in their arms.

You see, I am the youngest of three boys. The little one in the photo there - -taken about 1965. The brother you are named after, Jimmy - had cancer very young and couldn't have children. Ron has never had kids - and I must be the precocious one- because at age 53 I will be having you!

The week before you are born, my folks will be in Alaska with Ron - and no doubt sitting by the phone in case you decide to make an early appearance.

Your mom and I have your room ready- and we have your grandparents room ready.

There are a lot of people looking forward to you coming -- until then, rest easy in your mom's womb. You are safe and secure there, and every morning I reach over - see you moving and say "morning son."

I look forward to telling you that to your face. Then I can kiss you and play with you, and soon put you in the arms of so many people - like your grandparents - who are looking forward to seeing you



PS - you don't have to be in a hurry to make me a grandpa - but it did take me 52 years to find your mom- who is an amazing and wonderful lady