Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Mom

Well son, we know the day you are suppose to get here. July 20th.

I can't tell you how excited your mother and I are to see your face! We get a little glimpse next week, when we have an ultrasound scheduled, but there are a whole lot of people here who are anxious to meet you.

The most amazing one of them is your mom. For over eight months she has carried your life in her body. Before we could feel you move we would listen to your heartbeat with an ultrasound that I brought from work - just wanting to hear that heartbeat to know that you are ok. When your mom bumped into some skis she wanted to know that you weren't hurt -- .

The last two weeks have been tough on her- a lot of pain and difficulty walking- but she doesn't complain much - and everytime she feels you move she smiles. When I look over at her belly and see you moving around she calls me over and puts my hand on your little body- and we feel you move. It is amazing for me- and I can see, in your mother's eyes, how amazing it is for her.

Your mom was in television for a lot of years. An active sport's person - doing all sorts of extreme sports (in fact, she was called the x-girl). She never thought she would have kids. One time when interviewing a comedian named Robin Williams, he asked if she had kids and she said, "not in this uterus." That all changed after we met.

I didn't think I would have a child either- thought that it had passed - but that is nothing. Your mom, who was use to living in a bikini - being active - has put that aside and her primary interest is now you.

Your mom is anxious to see you- and loves you already. Oh- and your dad - -well, I can't wait to see you - to hold you, to kiss your little head, and to rock you to sleep.