Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year from the Boys

JJ, Grandpa Grosshans, Uncle Peter
Dear JJ,

This morning I'm missing your grandpa Grosshans and your Uncle Peter.  They are back in China - so our morning routine has changed.

It was wonderful having your Grandpa Grosshans here-- every morning when you wake up he would be awake two and we would watch you eat your solid food, and then spend time playing with you. Peter would get up around 6 am, and then with Lucky- your morning would be complete.

So I felt a little lost the last couple of mornings- just you and I and Lucky- then your mom got up. 

You are sleeping through most of the nights now, son - still have a cold. But every morning you wake up with a great smile, and a lot of laughs - and this morning you kept looking at your mom. No doubt wondering- what is she doing up so early, and where is Grandpa and Uncle?

I'm getting ready to head to the office- and you are snuggled in with your mom-- my two beauties getting their rest. Hard to imagine- half way around the world there are two other people thinking about you.

Lots of love for you son-