Sunday, January 16, 2011

JJ meet EJ

I think Uncle EJ believes you are named after him
Dear JJ,

Your mom is blessed with many great friends- which have all become your aunts and uncles - and this week you finally got to meet Uncle EJ!!  EJ was always there for your mom- whether it was someone to talk to, someone to lend her a hand- and he was one of the first to know that you were going to make your appearance.  We had to come to Park City, Utah to meet him - but it was great.

In the days when your mom and I were commuting back and forth between Tampa and Phoenix sometimes your mom needed a hand - and EJ was ALWAYS there to help. Even to the last day- he helped box stuff up, and gave your mom and I our last ride out of Tampa and to her new home in Phoenix.

So last night was great, son - you got to meet EJ, who has known you forever.  And when it comes to the kind of man I want you to be -- be like EJ- someone who is kind, someone who says "let me know if I can help" - and means it.