Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family is everything

Aunti Kim and Uncle Bob always love to see you
 Dear JJ,

Family is everything- sadly this week Gigi went back to China- but the good news is that you were able to see Aunti Kim and Uncle Bob when we went to Park City.  What can we say about Gigi? She was there from the day you were born- stayed with us for seven weeks - and they came back for December to see you (and get some papers sorted, so they say). 

Last winter, your mom was pregnant with you - so no snowboarding - but this week we went to Park City to join her sister, Kim, and family. Your mom was able to use her new Christmas gift- her snowboard and be with family.  She got to board up and down the mountain - and your mom even got up early for that (you will understand that your mom, unlike you, your dad, and your grandpas - is not a morning person)

The hardest part- we left you in child care for the first time in your life. We had a lot of anxiety about it- but you did great, and all the people who watched you loved you. 

The best part - we had a nice transition, from your grandma  being here to seeing your Aunti Kim and Uncle Bob.

Our family is spread across the earth son -- from China, to Alaska, to Oregon, to Georgia. But they all love you- from around the world you are loved. We love that they love you, as much as we love them. Through this all we found an extended family- others who love you.

You see, son, having you has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I always knew family was important- but now - through your eyes- I value each and every family member more and more- even those who we are not related to. Love is a great thing, son.  You have taught me a lot about love.



Gigi is smiling - because she is holding you - but misses you now that she is back in China

Get use to snowsuits son -something tells me your mom will be taking you to a lot of places with snow - oh, those feet will soon be attached to some boards

Watching the snow- on my lap looking over the slopes in Park City. I know that in about two years you will be skiing  - probably better than your dad!