Thursday, December 30, 2010

Your first cold and the ugliest chair

Dear JJ,

Poor little guy - you are sick!  Stuffy nose, hard to breath, little bit of a fever, and not much sleep. Your mom and I just feel horrible that all we can do is hold you and rock you to sleep, with some occasional Tylenol. 

But we did find one thing that made it better.  We moved "the chair" into your bedroom. Not just any chair- but what your mom calls the ugliest chair. 

Before you were born we checked out rockers - and gliders, and all sorts of chairs that we could use so that you would be rocked to sleep easily.  I saw a beautiful rocker in Charlotte, NC at the airport- even did a blog about it. A friend of ours said-- "Go to Lazy-Boy, they have the best built and most comfortable ones around." Your mom  objected, "Their furniture is so ugly, I don't want that." But we bought one.

When you first came home, the only way you, and your mom, could sleep, was if you slept on her chest, and on this chair is where you spent your first two weeks at home, in our bedroom. We figured you were use to hearing your mom's heartbeat - and felt comfort being there.  After a couple of weeks you were into your own crib.

The chair has moved around the house.  It was in our bedroom for a while - and when Grandma and Grandpa Simpson came, we moved it to the living room so Grandma Simpson could enjoy it. Then back into our bedroom.  

Then you came down with your first cold. Your breathing sounded like a coffee percolator, and you didn't sleep  well.  The first night your mom was up into your room so many times. About 2 am your mom hadn't come back to bed so checking in there were the two of you sleeping peacefully - it was the best you had slept in a day!  So the next day with your grandpa Grosshans we moved the chair into your room.

The chair may not fit into our "decor." But it is my favorite chair because - with it you can sleep on your mom's chest, or mine- and feel comfort when you are sick, or afraid, or just want to be close.  It is the ugliest chair- and the most beautiful piece of furniture we own.

Get well soon, son.

We love you,

Your mom doesn't want her photo shown with this chair

We moved the chair to the living room when your grandma Simpson was here

The three boys of the house seem to like it

Maybe we like the chair a bit too much