Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We never would have imagined

Dear JJ,
Your mom and you - all of us enjoying lunch at True Foods

Every day your mom and I look at you and say, "I never knew it was going to be this good."

Neither one of us thought we were going to have a child -- both of us had lived a lot of years without children and our experiences with kids were from that perspective. But it all changed when we met each other and our world is so much better with you in it.

We have spent our lives being driven by career, and driven by vacations. We moved so fast in this world, that we thought we had it all. Then we met each other-- then we decided to have you - then we had you.

Many people who have children early say, "I can't wait til they are gone so we can do what we want."

Your mom and I have done all anyone could want - -and now we can say with you in our lives we know what we want -- and we are so happy you are in it.