Monday, November 15, 2010

The progress continues

Sitting up
Dear JJ,

You are sitting up so well - in fact your mom got you a new chair that lets you sit up and watch us - and you seem to watch us with great intensity these days.  You seem to pay a lot of attention to Lucky - who is always available to lick excess formula from your face.

People all say, "enjoy these moments, they go quickly." Your mom and I do. We are enjoying every minute -- even the 3 am times when you wake up.  Ok, well that does lead to our 5:30 am times when your dad makes coffee and gets your formula (we both need our starts to the day).

One of my patients said to me, "You don't think you can love them more, or that you can enjoy the next stage -- and you do."  Wow - its true, son.  Every new milestone you pass, every new trick you learn, every smile just shows me how much room I have in my heart.


The men of the house
enjoying a nap

you are a football fan

The perfect nap