Tuesday, November 9, 2010

teething and singing

the teeth are coming
Dear JJ,

This morning as I write this I feel those little teeth coming in and find you get comfort in two things- that little pacifier and my fingers.

Your mom and I feel so bad when you are uncomfortable - and we want to do what we can to help you with that comfort.  We know we always can't do that- but we loved what our pediatrician said to us:

"You can't spoil him the first six months- all you want to do is gain his trust."

No matter what age, though, your mom and I will always want to see that smile of yours. And we will always enjoy holding and loving every bit of you.

I do have to apologize for one thing though: your dad doesn't know the words to a lot of songs - so when I sing to you I tend to make up verses as I go along.  Someday you will be in school and insist that those are the words to that song -- and so forgive me, and your mom, when we laugh. Til then you seem to enjoy me singing "Old Man River - he just keeps moving JJ along."