Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leaning from dads

Here you are wondering why Grandpa Jim doesn't have the beard your dad does
Dear JJ,

Sitting with you this morning I thought of all the lessons we dads learn from one another. Then I wondered what kind of a dad you might be.

I'm lucky to have two great examples of dads -- my own, and your mom's dad.
Grandpa George when you were a bit smaller!
From Grandpa George I get to see how a dad interacts with his near teen age son- and then I remember back to when I was a teenager.

What I learned was this - I was lucky to have a dad that was patient, that would gently guide me, and who if I needed him was there. The influence was subtle, but unmistakable. What I accomplished professionally was directly related to my dad.  But the real lessons I learned from my dad, and watching your Grandpa George -- are the best lessons.  How to raise a boy.

Yup- we dads have a unique role in life - something I didn't appreciate before. And now my favorite job is to take all those lessons, and be the best dad I can be for you. 

Someday, son, you may have your own boy- and I hope I am there to hold him and pass on little pearls like I get from both your Grandpa Jim and Grandpa George.  But for now I am going to enjoy every minute of holding you, and making you smile. Plenty of time for you to grow up- but while we both make this journey - I'm enjoying every smile.