Thursday, September 30, 2010

I recognize that smile

Jimmy - that smile, he always had that smile

And you have that same smile 
Dear JJ,

As your mom and I watch you start to smile and interact I recognize something -- I recognize your smile. It is a smile I have seen all of my life - but have been missing the last four years. It is the smile of my brother, Jimmy, for whom you are named.

Your uncle Jimmy always wore that smile- in every photo it is there-- that photo was one of the last ones I have from him.  He was a happy man -- and it appears you are a happy baby.

Funny what adults will do to see a baby smile. We make faces - we make funny sounds- we do anything to see that beautiful smile of yours. Even at 2 am-- I woke up to hear you crying, your mom was already there changing you- and you weren't happy.  So I put my fingers for you to grab and started talking to you-- next thing I knew -- there was that smile. 

I miss your uncle every day - but I am so glad to see that you have that smile.

Your smile makes my day son.