Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our mornings

Dear JJ,

We have our morning ritual- you and I.  While you are getting more sleep than before-- about five hours at a time --  your mom is still up late with you, allowing me to sleep - I get the morning shift!

I get up early- and so do you-- in fact, by 6 am you are up and smiling (like this picture of you). So I get to give you a few ounces of formula, and then you, Dr. Lucky, and I get to play for a bit (after I change your diaper, of course).

Depending on what I have to do depends on when I wake up your mom - but we usually get a good hour together.

I love our mornings together- we both get to smile.

My favorite way to start the day.  Now if I can just keep from putting the Similac in my morning coffee.