Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet my mom and dad

Dear JJ,

This last weekend you were introduced to my parents - your grandparents. Seven weeks old and they finally got to meet you.

Here is the photo from when I put you in my mom's arms. Funny thing- both my parents in their 80's - they both hold a baby with expert skill.

When you were fussing a bit my mom, who has a hard time seeing things - was able to calm you down and hold you like an expert. It was over 50 years ago that they held me !

It was a great weekend- you also got to meet your uncle, Ron - who got to have a photo holding you while you held the cap he wore 60 years ago (we even have a photo of him with the cap on). We met my aunt, Randi - and my cousin Elise.

And, you got to meet Bev - who was married to my brother Jimmy - for whom you are named.

Son, this was the best weekend since you were born! You travel like a pro- (sleep mostly and get free drinks on the plane) - .

Ok, Son- I am so happy you are in all of our lives-- you bring endless smiles.