Friday, September 10, 2010

Safe Travels Gigi

Dear JJ,

Last night we had to send Gigi -- your grandmother, back to China to rejoin her husband and son.

She has known you since the day you were born, was the third person to hold you.

For the last seven plus weeks she has been in your life every day-- holding you, feeding you, changing diapers, comforting you. Your mom calls her "the baby whisperer," because she can calm you down and get you to relax like no other.

You will find out that when you have someone staying in your home-- most of the time more than a few days is too much. Your grandmother was the exception- having her stay here was as easy as it could be. She was no trouble at all, and boy are we going to miss her.

She went with us to Oregon, your first trip on an airplane to meet your other grandparents. She was so helpful

Guess what, son - -you will miss her too. She was one of the steady voices you have heard over your short years -Son- she is a remarkable lady- and we look forward to doing a lot of traveling with her.

So, safe travels Gigi - come back soon, we will all miss you- me, your daughter, and your grandson-- JJ

So here are a few photos- from the time you were born, until her last sweet hug to her only grandson.