Monday, October 11, 2010


Showing you Alaska
Dear JJ,

Finally I got to bring to Alaska -- the place of our ancestors for thousands of years, the place you were conceived, and at 11 weeks old - your mom and I brought you home,  to Alaska.

There were a lot of your aunties that wanted to meet you. Your aunt Katherine - was especially anxious-- you may remember me talking about her, as she played an important part at your mom and my wedding --telling the story of the first Athabascan wedding.

Aunti Katherine and her husband Kevin finally got to meet you.  Then your mom got to go to a gathering where so many nice ladies got to meet you, and your mom got to see the beautiful hospitality of Alaska Natives.

On our way back to Arizona we got to stop in Oregon to see your grandparents - who are so happy to see their only grandson
You are wondering why dad has a beard but Grandpa doesn't

Grandma loves singing to her boy- and Sparky loves you

My parents had thought they would never have a grandchild. They are so happy - here are 3 generations of Simpsons
You are a great little traveler, son.  All in all your miles go like this:

To and From Portland over labor day -- 2012
To and from Cincinnati total miles 3168
To Anchorage miles 2548
Anchorage to Portland 1543
Back to Phoenix 1006
So far you have gone 10,277 miles

Son- many people have children at a young age, and as the kids get older they look forward to the kids leaving home so they can start living life.  With you in our life-- your mom and I feel as if our life is now starting.