Monday, March 29, 2010

The softie

Dear JJ,

So here is the deal -- I am worried about being a dad. The reason is that your little friend, Dr. Lucky, is getting spoiled by me.

Ok, here goes. Dr. Lucky was crate trained-- so he was trained to spend the night in a crate. About 2 am I hear him whimper- I wake up and take him outside. Last night I heard him cry, let him out of the crate and he spent the night sleeping under the bed.

So I worry- when you cry I will want to pick you up. But some "experts" say that you shouldn't do that. I won't be able to help myself, son. I am going to pick you up and spend the night in the rocker if I have to. Because I want to remember these moments.

And when you get to college - and are a smart kid, and want to be a little distant -- I am going to think back to those moments when you were a baby -- and crying - and I picked you up and rocked you to sleep.

The experts-- well, I guess either they are wrong or I will be. But I am going to enjoy every minute of holding you close.