Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Old Man

Hey Son,
You might notice something as you get older -- that your dad might be a bit older than some of the other dads around. Well -- let me tell you something about that --

My grandfather was 54 when he had my dad (your grandfather). Your other grandfather was my age when he had your uncle Peter --. Then, on the Norwegian side there were plenty of relatives who were in their 50's when they had their children.

So, I had gone through life- done a lot of interesting things - made a career-- and then the greatest adventure of all hit -- meeting your mom. And from your mom we decided why not share the love-- so here you come.

So, son - when you see your dad - and he is the one who takes the time to spend with you, while other dad's are running off with their careers -- well, don't blame them because their dad's are younger and inexperienced.

Love you son -- can't wait to get you out on the golf course!