Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The best family


As the gang was all leaving Arizona, two things happened. Our house- which was full of family, friends, guests-- became empty. I missed everyone so much.

I called my mom- and she said something "You married into the most wonderful family." She is so right.

Here we all are after the wedding. So I have to say a few things abut all of them- starting with the back row.

Peter- your uncle. You are going to have so much fun playing with him. He is smart, fun, a talented artist and you will just love him.

Your grandfather- wow. What can I say. I am so blessed to know him - a man who has learned about grace and mercy. When your grandfather left for China, he hugged me and said, "goodbye, son."-- touched me greatly. I know a bit of what it takes to learn how grace and mercy are not in a religion but in the heart-- those are lessons that come from a lot of thought, a lot of heart, and some hardship.

Next is your old man- the proud daddy--.

Then there is Bob-- he is the greatest friend. We are both the "outsiders" of the family who have been so welcomed in. I feel like I gained a brother - not just a brother-in-law. We both look forward to the day when you beat us in golf.

First one on the couch is your mother -- what is there I can say. She is the greatest woman you will ever know.

There is your grandmother next. What a wonderful, wonderful lady she is. She is interesting, engaging, funny, and just wonderful. You get a lot of your energy from that lady!

Your aunt Kim. I got to know her a bit before I married your mom-- and she is a sweet, caring, wonderful lady who will spoil you to death.

Son- you will grow up around these people with love, and it will take you a few years before you realize how special they are. Being wonderful and loving comes from living life with a good and pure heart. It comes from having a lot of experiences-- and not all of them good -- but surviving them and moving forward with a smile and a conviction of what you have within. You are a reflection of your friends, and your family -- I'm glad your mom let me into her life-- I clearly upgraded.

Someday son, you will wonder what you can do in life to make me, or your family proud-- and that is simple-- be like them. Love fully, judge no one, be ready to help all - and always smile. I don't know what traits you will get from me-- and I don't have a lot-- but here is one tip from your old man -- when you see a little old lady-- wink at her.