Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Golf, snowboarding, or JJ

From 196 yards
Dear JJ,

Sundays I get to play golf with my good friend Steve, and a funny thing has happened - I miss you. I know I have missed you before, but about ten years ago someone asked me why I didn't have children and I told them it would interfere with my weekend golf game.  Back then, when I thought I wasn't ever going to have kids- it seemed the highlight of my week was playing golf (and then I did it three times a week). 

Now the highlight of my week is seeing you.

Got your mom a new snowboard
Your mom's great passion in life was snowboarding. She was pretty excited when Santa got her a new snowboard with boots and bindings. Well - today, for the first time in almost two years- your mom and your uncle went to the slopes for a day of boarding. About an hour after she left I got a text from her saying she missed you already.

First oranges and fruit of loins
I know it seems a bit odd to write about this- but the two of us were pretty heavily into our games - and now we have more joy in our life being with you. 

The great thing about it- we still enjoy our sports- but we sure enjoy coming home to you- and what we really look forward is when you join us on the links, or the slopes- or almost anywhere.  See, son, we discovered that we love our sports every bit as much as we always did - but we found a new love - family. And there is nothing like it.