Thursday, December 2, 2010

The other Jimmy

You have his smile
Dear JJ,

You have had a wonderful and busy time and Thanksgiving - and we had the entire family here. But today is a bit of a sad day- because today would have been my brother's 59th birthday.  Jimmy, my brother, died in 2006 - on December 7th- so the first part of December is a tough time for our family. You were named after him- and you have become the light of our lives -- all of the Simpson family.

I miss my brother- but I noticed something when you started to smile-- I noticed that you have the same smile that my brother did - and every time you smile- it makes my heart warm. It reminds me that life is a cycle, and with every rough bump there are some great things.

We never know when our time on this earth is done-- for your uncle, my brother - it was too soon. But if I ever have a last pleasant thought- it will be your smile and laugh.



Your Namesake, Jimmy and his dog, Gracie

The three beautiful ones in my life

Your grandmother loved having you in her lap

Grandpa Jim - he sure loves his grandson