Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't wait to meet you

Dear JJ,

The time is getting closer that we get to meet you - and every day we are getting more and more anxious.

This was a photo from your mom and my last trip on a plane before your birth. Your mom and I have traveled a lot in our romance - but those times will, for a bit, come to a halt. But we have made a few plans for the future:

(a) We bought the stroller. This is your mobile home for a while. There are about twenty reasonable choices in strollers these days. We picked one that folds up and travels easily.

(b) Discovered you just need your birth certificate to fly - but we will be getting you a social security number and passport soon after you arrive

(c) Your grandparents from China are in for the week. Great week, by the way- you are blessed with wonderful grandparents. We have made tentative plans of where to take you

(d) On every trip I take I watch how parents act with their kids and ask questions about their travel gear

(e) Working on frequent flier status for you

Yup- son, you are going to spend a lot of time traveling. Mostly to third world countries whose names few knows how to spell. Your mom and I plan on spending time in countries helping with their health care system. Of course there will be a lot of travel and time in Alaska, time in China, and time in Oregon. Then there are our friends - like the whole group in Tampa that brought your mom and I together and are all of your aunts and uncles. And friends we have met around the country.

You'll probably learn to operate mom's video camera by age 5, be editing by age 6 - and assisting me in the operating room by age 12.

So we look forward to meeting you -- and keep that diaper bag packed, we have a lot of places to take you.