Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Dear Son,

Today is Father's Day- my first as a dad! I never knew what a great day this was until you came into our lives - because I love the idea of being a dad, and because now I know what all those other dads out there feel.

Here are some photos of my dad, your grandpa - a sweet, wonderful man.

I'm just a little overcome with emotion now, the thought of being a dad - of having you around at all different times in life. But I know a bit about being a son:

My dad would sometimes work late into the night. He would always come home for supper, but often had to go back to the college to work, or to the city council meetings. He would come home late, and always come into my room to say goodnight. Sometimes he would lay down in bed with me and whenever he did he would always fall asleep. I would sit there as a little boy and wait for him to snore, then giggle. He would wake up, "Did I fall asleep?" I would say yes. Then he'd say, "Well, I got to go to bed then, goodnight son."

Those moments get more precious as the years go by. To think of my dad, working hard for his family - wanting to come home and spend that bit of time with his son.

I hope I don't have to work too many late nights - but if I do - I know coming home and spending a bit of time with you will be a precious time. In fact, spending anytime with you is pretty nice.

OK- I have to go play golf- by the way, I can't wait to play golf with you. Don't expect I will give you any strokes -- because I look forward to the day when you beat me at this game.

Love you son,

Love Dad