Monday, July 16, 2012

The 2's

Dear JJ,

Your second birthday is coming, and with those days are what some call the "terrible twos."  There is an advantage to being an older dad - and that is that there is a perspective and a bit of patience.

You are a lot more mobile now, you can reach a lot of places, are fascinated by the world around you.  You explore. But your mom and I have to keep you safe, and sometimes we find you in places that isn't easy for us, or isn't safe for you.  Some call that running around, and working to change your course, and finding your "will" part of the terrible twos.

But I see it as a wonderful world through your ever exploring eyes.

As for the "terrible two's" I say one thing:



Your Dad

Sometimes we try to be helpful, like unload the dishwasher

You love the water

Feeding yourself is much better than mom or dad feeding you

You think you are superman

But a full day leads to a quiet nap