Sunday, June 17, 2012

A second Father's Day

Dear JJ,

The three of us in France
This is my second Father's Day- and it is my favorite holiday.

Being a dad is the greatest gift, next to life itself, that I have been given. Watching you grow - as now you put words together for sentences - and sometimes we understand you.

But to help figure it out we thought you spoke Mandarin- so we went to China, and they didn't understand you. So then we thought maybe it was French- so we went to France.  Well, maybe not that easy. So here is the story:

Your grandpa, my dad, decided at the last minute to take a trip to Normandy to see some of the places he spent when he was a soldier in World War 2.  Within 24 hours we secured tickets, and started to get hotels lined up so we could follow him along this voyage. Somehow,  we had some points and were able to fly round trip to London on British Air.  You were able to be in the first class section of a flight.
Inspecting Seat 1A of British Air - Phoenix to London non stop
Have to hand it to British Air, they reserved us a seat so that you could have your very own area - right at the nose of the plane.
Sleeping in the nose of a 747 - after a fine glass of French Wine
Arriving in London a short ten or so hours later we met your grandpa at the hotel and decided we needed to toast the occasion.  For my dad,  your grandpa, he said this was the best Father's Day gift that he could have.  For his son, me, it was also- I could spend this week with my dad, my son, and see a bit of the country through the eyes of someone who had been there almost 60 years before.

We had a great time, son. You were there.  You won't remember it, except through a few photographs and your mom and I telling you the story- but it is burned in our hearts.

Here is the lesson: no matter where we are in the world- you make that part of the world a special place for your mom, my dad, and me-- and a few other people also.

You've been on a lot of planes, son - and your mom and I couldn't imagine doing life without you.

Thanks for making me a father - and of course, thanks to your mom - a most special lady.

We love you son,   now recover from the jet lag - and thanks again



Toasting with my dad - neither of us drink beer, but we thought we would try it here

you and your mom cheered also

Our lovely B and B in France

The London Bridge

London Bridge and the Tower of London in the background

One of your favorite new words is clock - here is the big one

Three Generations on the Point du Huc - grandpa landed just a few miles from here in 1944

You appear to be able to read the French menu

Your first See Saw - you loved it - so did I

On the Ferry over - we had to sing

Your mom- embracing technology

That's a big antenna

Nothing like some wine with a vet

Thankfully your mom didn't lock me in the tower

One of the towns your grandfather liberated