Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 2nd JJ

Dear JJ,

Two years old! Some say that time passes by quickly, that in a breeze children grow up - I am so thankful that this hasn't happened.

These last two years have been the best to years of my life.  They have not gone by quickly- because every day I get to spend with you brings me so much joy. When people look back on life, they say it has gone by quickly- but that is just an illusion. The days with you have been filled with joy, and tenderness, and love - and awe at watching this little boy grow.

So happy birthday, JJ.  And thank you.



Always a place for you on my lap

Every morning you steal my coffee

You always reach for more- and hopefully always will

Pondering the wonders of nature

Finding a doggie small enough to walk - this one is from Aunti Kim

Curious about the wine- but not time to steal it

Every morning is our time

And busy days lead to naps