Monday, July 16, 2012

Your Travels

Dear JJ,

Before your second birthday you will have gone over 92,000 miles on the lap of your parents.  Your first trip as an infant was to see your Grandma and Grandpa Simpson in Oregon.  Your last trip on our laps has been  to and from your grandparents cottage in Canada. Here, for a couple of weeks, you enjoyed being with GiGi, Papap, Peet, Aunti Kim, and Uncle Bob.

It was at this cottage a year ago that you took your first steps.  Your mom and I noted that after you took your first steps you just started to run, and have not stopped since then.

But after your birthday you will have your own seat on a plane, be getting your own frequent flier miles, and I wonder how many adventures await you. I also wonder which airline you will get the most miles on?

I can't wait.

Here are a few photos from the cottage.


Your dad- who loves traveling with his wife and son anywhere, anytime.

Travel tires one out

In Atlanta you got to walk Aunti Kim's Dog

We celebrated GiGi's birthday

Who is that Superman

Fresh air and sunshine

Taking a walk with Aunti Kim and Uncle Bob- a super hero

We brought your favorite video for you

Your favorite dish is when Papa makes you oatmeal, except you call it MealOat

Visiting some friends who had a boat- you responded by relaxing

In Toronto you like some good bull