Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Your Rock Star

Dear JJ,

As you grow up you are going to find lots of music you like. You will talk with friends about one artist or the other, and how you enjoy hearing them at different times. I know that because it happens to everyone, but you have a rock star now.

Every day you look forward to hearing her - in fact, you use sign language to indicate you want to hear her.  After your shower you dry off and watch her DVD and about 4 pm every afternoon you sit in the swing in the kitchen and watch her DVD.
Even at a year you were loving Signing Time

Her name is Rachel Coleman, and you know her as the signing time lady. From her, in your earliest days you learned different signs for "more" "eat" and now you know a whole bunch of them.  Since you sign it means you are able to communicate with us the things you want- and it makes it less frustrating.

There are a lot of "stars" out there- but I wanted to tell you something about her: She discovered her daughter Leah was deaf, and started to communicate with her in sign language - from that built a program that so many of us use.  But that isn't the whole story. 

This nice lady started out life in the conservative state of Utah. When she was 17 she had a daughter, Laura, who she put up for adoption. A difficult choice.  She was reunited with her on Mother's Day in 2010.

She had another daughter, Lucy, who had spina bifida - but through sign language was able to communicate.

Now you will find Rachel Coleman happily on many DVD's, where her songs touch your dad, and bring him to tears. 

She is a special lady, who took every adversity and made it into something that benefits a lot of people- and especially your mom and I owe her thanks, because of her we were able to start communicating with you.  Her songs, about the love for her children, speak to us.
Food and Rachel

There are going to be a lot of artists you will like - Rachel Coleman is your first, and probably a great example how to rise from adversity and give to others. Then, when you are a dad, you will discover signing with your child- and somewhere a memory will hit about this very nice lady, who was your first star.