Monday, April 9, 2012

Falling asleep

Enjoying Chinese food in China
Dear JJ,

After being in China it is hard to get back to your schedule of falling asleep, but there is one thing that is constant.  When I am home, we sit down in the big chair, and you drink some milk, turn over and fall asleep in my lap.  Then, when you are fast asleep I gently put you into your crib and hope not to wake you.

When I was a boy, my dad worked late teaching sometimes. But he would always come into my room and stretch out on my bed.  Often he would fall asleep, and I'd wake him up, and off to bed he would go. It is still a fond memory.

When you first came home from the hospital, your mom would hold you until you fell asleep.  You were so tiny then, and we worried that it would spoil you somehow. New parents always have such worries. The pediatrician said not to worry-- someday all little boys grow up.

So for now, son, I am enjoying every time that I can sit with you, and watch you fall asleep.  I know all little boys grow up - but in my heart, this is the most wonderful feeling.



Nothing your mom and I like better than a little boy who loves us so much