Monday, April 9, 2012

China: Its more than a place

Your mom got this thinking it would be a fun thing

But your stroller did best, you could always fall asleep- we envied you

Of course, we always love having you close

Gigi especially loved being next to you

too much fun

We found sand and lots of kids to play with in China

But we knew you were the boss

The restaurant also knew you were the boss

And you loved just relaxing with a good book

Your Papa and Peet
Dear JJ,

Some think we went to China because its China- and an interesting place.  That was a part of it, but the real reason we went there is family.   While your mom and I got to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and a few other things -- the real reason we went was for us to see Gigi, Papa, and Peet (your names for them).

Right now they live in TianJin - and when you would wake up you would run down the hall and yell for Gigi.  Then you learned to say Uncle Peters name -- with a heavy "p" and almost a whisper -- Peet.  Then grandpa you leaned to say as papa .

They all said the hardest thing is waiting to see you in June.

It is good to be a little boy who is loved by so many wonderful people.  It is hard that they live in China- but as long as they live there, we will go to see them -- just like we go to see my parents in Oregon.

Until then, son - I am sorry about the jet-lag.  You did great on the plane, son -- even though your parents had a difficult time with the diapers.

Uncle Peet trying some apples

Your dad didn't try this

My favorite Peking Duck
Last surviving member of the last dynasty

The locals would always sneak a peak at the beautiful American baby

Running in the field by Gigi's apartment

Two antiques waiting for the young ladies

Your mom with some strange men 

Too much sun in your eyes- we had great weather