Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes it takes dad

Dear JJ,

There are times when you are upset that it is hard to make you feel better.  But one thing always seems to work -- holding you in my arms, taking you outside, and seeing the moon and the stars.
Watching the moon
I don't know how long it will work- that your dad can take you outside, show you the moon, then look up and see Jupiter and tell you, "That's your star."  Then watch as you see the jets and yell "Jets!" But your dad loves that time - even though it means I am outside in pajamas, sometimes when it is cold- but you stop fussing, and it is our time.

Someday our time will be something different- maybe playing golf, maybe chatting, but for now- this is my most treasured time.


Don't know if you will be a doctor- but I do know that when I got a son, I got a heart