Monday, June 20, 2011

First Father's Day

YES - this was you

Team Grosshans

Two conspirators

Best travel baby ever

Your dad who loves being just- your dad
Dear JJ,

The last time I was this excited by a day, it was when I was a kid waiting for my birthday.  My first Father's Day.  Not because I wanted any gifts - but just to experience that day, for the first time in 54 years, as a dad.

The day started out with you - 4:30 am, almost as if you were excited for the day as I was.  We spent a couple of hours playing til you became tired and I was off for my golf game. Arriving at the golf course, my good friend, Steve, said, "Happy Father's Day." Steve, not a dad, has developed an affection for you, and enjoys watching you grow.

During the day I missed a phone call from your Uncle Bob-- one of the first people to know that your mom and I were expecting.  He left a message with his children wishing me that. 

On social media sites different people wished me a Happy Father's Day- and they were all special people- those who know your mom and I, and those who know how much being a dad has meant to me.

When my dad called me, the first thing he said was, "Happy Father's Day." First time I joined my dad in that special club.

I've done a few things- held a few titles, had a few accomplishments- but the most important one is being a dad.

Thank you, son, for making that possible


You at 19 weeks

Your mom and I and special friends on a special day

That's your mom- if she bent over far enough she saw her feet

Our first family photo

Gigi stayed with us for seven weeks

The cap you wore was worn by your uncle Ron over 60 years before

Meeting my parents for the first time

Jimmy - for whom you are named. And whose smile you have

Uncle Rick and Auntie Sandi - who have been great friends of your mom and I from the start

Your first hospital visitor Aunti Lori

Your beautiful mom

Your Gandpa - who got up with me for the early morning shift

You always looked like you had it figured out

Uncle Barry - in whose house your mom and I met

Your Grandma Gigi - stayed with us for seven weeks, she hated to leave you

we are family

My dad - and I - in 1958

And now you with my dad in 2011

Your Uncle Ron- that hat doesn't fit him as well