Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Canada - missing you

Dear JJ,

You continue to amaze your mom and I as we travel from Phoenix to Alaska, and then to Canada. You are a great traveler. Now that you have started to wave, you have become the official greeter on whichever airline you are on. 

Funny thing- all the flight attendants greet people as they come on board, but no one smiles more then when they see this little boy greeting them.

But this week will be a long one for me.  You see, I left you and your mother in Canada, while I came back to do some work. I still wake up early- but instead of having you to play with it is just Lucky and I. When I come home instead of this little boy crawling fast to meet me, it is just Lucky.  Nothing wrong with Lucky- but he misses you too.

Your grandparents cottage on Lake Ontario is a wonderful place. There we had an early first birthday for you - and we met all the people that your mom grew up with.  Plus time with Grandma and Grandpa Grosshans (although they seem to not want to be called grandma or grandpa- she prefers GiGi and he prefers Papa ).

I miss you son- I never knew what life was until I met your mother, and we decided to have you. The best decision of our lives. Take care of mom - and greet and smile for all the folks on the airplane coming home.



My little travel buddy- now enjoys the view from the plane
Enjoying the view from our room

Alaska is still home
Portage Glacier - a chilly view

Keeping warm with mom
Cottage on Lake Ontario- view from the living room

Sharing breakfast with dad

Mom makes a great swing

First birthday party- eat all you want

Dig in, son

Meeting new friends - Luke!

Mornings with the boys - Papa and Dadda

You enjoy your coffee- clearly a Simpson/Grosshans