Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two dads

Dear JJ,

Yesterday your grandparents left after being here for a bit.  I miss them - because when your Grandpa Grosshans is here,  the three of us have our morning time together.
Nothing like enjoying Grandpa
When you were six days old, your grandpa and I were wondering why you were crying. When I put my finger in your mouth, it was dry- so thought you might be hungry. But your mom had finally gotten off to sleep.  I asked your grandpa if maybe we should give you some formula - the two of us, in on the conspiracy- found the formula the hospital had sent home with you, and we fed it to you.  Such are the memories that bond the three of us together. 

I enjoy our time in the early morning- your mom gets some sleep, and you and I can play. But I like it when your grandpa is here too- two dads, who really love being dads, and one who just loves being your grandpa.

Men have a special bond when it comes to children. Once you become a dad you are a part of a special club - where all of us have figured out what life is all about-- and it is not us.

Someday son, I hope to enjoy those mornings with you when you are a new dad - then I can hear you say the word that every dad I know describes the experience of being a father "awesome." Truly- the definition of that word.



Coffee - you like it, but not warm

The day your grandparents left your Grandpa made crepes. You liked them too