Friday, April 1, 2011

International crawler

Your first exploration of grass

Crawling in Cabo
Dear JJ,

You are an international traveler!  Off to Cabo we went for a week- and  you did great.  You have your own passport, and as usual - you are a great little companion to travel with.

While Cabo was wonderful - the fun part was watching you perfect your crawling skills. Before we left for Cabo you had taken your first forward moves - and now you can crawl everywhere.  Thats the good news- the bad news is your mommy and I have to re-arrange the house- to make it safe as you like to climb a lot.

Even this morning- after you woke up and we were playing I had to make a quick trip to the rest room.  I turned around and you were crawling right after me with that big grin on your face.

Son,  you make my day- every smile, every new adventure- you have made life sweet.

While in Cabo you met some friends- one of whom is a golfing buddy.  He is looking forward to you joining us for golf.  Hopefully I won't be crawling then!

The future is bright because you are in it.


You love the pool

Prettiest lady in the world - your mom

And lounging with your dad is a lot of fun

Of course a bottle helps