Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crawling, Sharing, Persistence

Dear JJ,

Persistence and Sharing
After weeks of trying you are now having forward movement. You've tried so hard- you have managed to crawl backwards, you can roll to one side, you can sit up -- but never forward.  Then yesterday you saw a lemon- and you wanted it.  Of course, so did Lucky.

Lucky was gentle with you- in fact you two play together.  If he has the lemon he will put it down by you and you will get it.  Well, yesterday it was in your view and a foot away- so you crawled to it.  First time your mother and I saw you crawl forward.

What we saw was sharing by the dog- and the little boy wanting it.  Then a little boy with persistence getting it. You will learn to share, son. Because what life is about is sharing - -I never knew that until I met your mom and had you. I hope you learn that lesson sooner.


You and Lucky chewing on his chew bone

Tug of war

You will win- because Lucky is gentle