Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucky a brother?

Dear JJ,

One of our friends pointed something out to us-- that Lucky is more like your brother than a dog. He doesn't growl at you- you pull his ears, his tail, his mouth- you take away his toys- and he still comes to see you every day.
He helps clean you up after meals - ok - sometimes you object to your mom wiping your face, but you never seem to mind if Lucky does it.
My brothers were the same way- sometimes they would do for me what my parents couldn't - like when I got in trouble, my brother Jimmy would stand up for me.  Or when I was worried I would call my big brother Ron - like the time I pulled a pen apart and got ink all over me and was afraid of what mom would say.
So, maybe Lucky is a bit like your brother.
Most important- the lesson learned is we always need someone in this world to help us along. Someone we can count no to lick our face.  I've got your mother- but I want you to know that you always have us. Always,



Lucky on clean up duty

Lucky trying to get back his toy

How many dogs would let you have his bone?