Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom sharing her birthday cake

You like it

Not quite peas and carrots

Now what?
Dear JJ,

We got to celebrate your mom's birthday!  You shared her cake - and last year you were sharing it too- just that you were in her womb and getting the cake without tasting it!

This has been the best year ever, son - for your mom and I.  Every time we look back we wonder how we ever imagined life without you.   You keep us laughing, you keep us centered, you show us what is truly important in life.

Your mom loved her time at the spa-- but almost every minute she was worried about you.

You've changed our lives, son - but for the better.  So much better.

Next year I'm sure we will hear you say Happy Birthday -- but for us, you are the best gift anyone could ever have.