Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Mother's Day

Dear JJ,

You first road trip
For our first Mother's Day we took a road trip to California!  Your dad had some business, and what fun is travel without my favorite travel companions. So we added some fun with the business!

We met some long time friends-- your uncles Scott and Jeff. I've known Scott since I was in college. We also saw your aunti Lori, and met some new friends-- Hennie, Julie, Del, and Amy and John.

Then off to San Diego where you were able to see your Alaskan Aunt Kathyrn, Karen, Uncle Chuck, Auntie Georgia, and others.

All of these friends have followed you since before you were born. Now they were able to spend our first Mother's Day together.
You and your beautiful mom at the Four Seasons
The most important part of Mother's Day-- our son.  We hope for many more!