Monday, March 14, 2011


I was the first to hold your hand
Dear JJ,

There are somethings in life that are routine - and that is ok. For you, we have it down - you wake up, and I come into the room and change your diaper- then feed you. But the best part of life is when we break from those routines and find something all new and different.

That is what you were - a break in the routine of life.  Your mom and I thought we each had a great routine in our life. We both did what we enjoyed, and had lots of great friends and hobbies to keep us busy- then we met each other, then we decided the ultimate break in routine- you.

A swing - way too much fun
This week we got to go to the park - something we had not done before.  There were a lot of other mom and dads there and a lot of kids- and you got to enjoy the swing. 

You and Lucky found a new toy from our lemon tree
And you even like to chew on it
So as you try new foods, play with new toys, go to new places - it brings new things into life- and we find new routines- and we get to see the world from a whole new place.

Oatmeal facials are a morning routine
Learning to hold your bottle
We love doing life with you, JJ.  Our routine is a world we never saw before- and now we get the chance to see it fresh and new.  Its just the best