Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lucky Family

Dear JJ,

Perhaps it is normal for a dad to always worry - and I do. But one thing I feel lucky - you have some amazing relatives. My mom, your grandma Simpson, told me that I was lucky to have married into such a nice family.  Then I thought how lucky I was to be raised by wonderful parents - who just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary - and you were there!

As I write this you are in Atlanta visiting your mom's sister, auntie Kim, and her husband, uncle Bob - some of your favorite people (mine too).

You are lucky, son -- a lot of good people around you.  Older dads think about this, especially me - as a doctor I know mortality too well.

When you are older you will be horrified by how people treat each other - and at that moment you will probably think "Dad was right, I was lucky to have such a wonderful family around me."

Miss you son,


Gigi got to spend time with you -here we are at the beach in Oregon

Sept 5, 1948 - 65 years my parents were married and you got to be with them

With your best girl - mom

Every night you say "goodnight moon, " and in a recent trip to San Francisco you got to see a lot of it

And then your best buddy, Lucky - here he is pulling you around the pool