Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day

Dear JJ, 

You won't remember today - but your mom and dad won't forget it. Your first day of pre-school. 

For three years your mom has been your constant playmate, companion, and friend. This is very hard on her. Your mom is amazing. She has loved this more than any who knew her would have imagined. 

Today you first had to go to the doctor to get your records - traumatic enough and then to school. 

It means you are growing up and that is ok - we have loved every stage of your life. 

One day you will go through this - sending your child to school- 

I love you son. Even though you will have many friends and "best friends" but we will always be our son and I hope when you get to be a young man that I will be your friend. 

Until then enjoy your time in school and know I think of you there every day