Friday, May 3, 2013

Where it Began

Dear JJ,

It all started in Tampa, an invitation to a dinner at some fellow twitter foodies, and meeting your mother.  Today we made the reservations to go back there - where you were first an idea, where we felt you first move when your mom was pregnant (it was during a the hockey when Canada won gold).

The invitation was to Barry and Debbie Frangipane's home for a dinner. And on June 15th  - she will open a restaurant, and you will be there. Somehow, it seems fitting.  This will be your first trip to Tampa, hard to believe- but its almost four years ago that your mom and I met there, and almost three years since you were born.

There are a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing you - a lot of aunties and uncles - and your dad will be there smiling the entire time. I can't wait to bring you there .



Packing the salmon I would bring to Tampa in 2009. 

A short while later your mom and I decided, in Seattle, that we were going to do this

A photo taken by your mom the night we met. It became the cover for one of  my books